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Hello, I’m Leslie. I love communications and exploring local color: everything that creates a sense of place in unique places. From the people to the plants. From the dialects to the dumplings. Learn more on my blog.

I was born in California but spent half my life elsewhere: Connecticut, Hawaii, Germany… So I don’t think I would be considered a local anywhere.

Perhaps that’s the reason that wherever I go, I am fascinated by learning about what is local there. Like in New Haven, how pizza is pronounced a-beeetz’ and topped with clams. Or in Berlin, the rough-and-tumble Berlinerisch dialect. Or in Honolulu, how little kids call me “auntie.”

My instinct to explore all that is local, down to the shapes of the stones on the sidewalk and the weeds growing out of the gutters, is the common thread in my projects and interests.

This blog grew out of my freelance studio, which I renamed Local Color while living in Hawaii in 2015 — hence my tropical URL. In my studio, I’ve created design, photography, writing and translation for clients and in my own art projects.

Now my main project is becoming a librarian! My MLIS studies at the Humboldt University iSchool in Berlin are keeping me busy, as are a student job at the Museum of Natural History library and internships at Berlin’s public libraries.

I’ll continue to experiment in my studio and on my blog in my free time. And I look forward to finding ways to weave my library work and my creative work together!